Canada Summer Games 2017 Team Manager Position


Team Manager Job Description


  • The Team Manager must have a history with the club and the athletes particularly those with Canada Summer Games intentions.  They must demonstrate previous ability of having managed larger groups of athletes in a competition experience.


  1. Attend all team meetings
  2. Enter and/or confirm entry of Manitobans / Provincial Team with Head Coach
  3. Assist Head Coach in planning, evaluation and budgeting
  4. Collect Team Fees from athletes
  5. Book, or confirm travel arrangements for managers, coaches and athletes as required by the travel policy. Note that Manitoba Rowing will not bear responsibility for unauthorized expenditures. Any costs not covered by policy must be authorized by the office.
  6. Pick up uniforms, managers kit, expense money.
  7. Find out special needs of athletes, or special medical conditions and Manitoba Health Card numbers
  8. Know where to find medical assistance at the regatta site and how they are accessed.
  9. Provide athletes with schedule and transportation specifics to the venue.
  10. Communicate rules and who is responsible for team discipline. This includes curfews, behaviours and consequences recommended by Manitoba Rowing.
  11. Communicates as soon as possible results to Manitoba Media outlets following completion of the day’s competition.
  12. Monitor and provide feedback to coaching staff of athlete issues.
  13. Carry a managers’ kit including medical kit, and other rowing specific accessories.
  14. Confirm arrangements for travel as necessary.
  15. Handle all matters relating to uniforms. –
  16. Report Submission:

–    A Managers’ Report should be submitted to the MRA Office within one calendar month of returning from the Games.

–    Report to include the following:

  1. Team Staff
  2. Team Athletes
  3. Method of travel to and from meet
  4. Accommodation – name, address, quality, problems etc.
  5. Competition – note quality of competition, administrative arrangements, conditions, weather, etc.
  6. General comments – note any problems with athletes, staff, meet organization, travel arrangements, uniforms, etc.
  7. Recommendations – list items that should be changed in future, ie. method of travel, hotel arrangements, etc.
  8. Results if available
  9. Expenses (other than the personal expenses) – See travel policy –

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your resume to:

Attn: Jeff Reitberger at and ‘CC’

Deadline for submissions is February 15, 2017.

Canada Summer Games 2017 Assistant Coach Position


Coach Job Description


  • Coach must be “In Training” within the new NCCP Competition Development Program and have been recognized as such 90 days prior to the Games (July 28, 2017)


  • Works with Executive Director and Board Committee in managing the team’s budget
  • Assists with completion of pre-game applications
  • Sits on the selection committee and assists with developing and implementing selection criteria/process
  • Trains and coaches the Canada Summer Games team
  • Develops and monitors training and competition plans for all athletes in consultation with the Manitoba Rowing Associations’s Head Coch
  • Attends all mandatory Canada Games seminars and meetings
  • Ensure the Code of Conduct for athletes and staff is adhered to at all training camps and competitions
  • Responsible for assigning technical and administrative tasks
  • Assists in completion of post games reports and helps develop and implement recommendations for future games
  • Promotes the Canada games program and Manitoba Rowing.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your resume to:

Attn: Jeff Reitberger, and ‘CC’

Deadline for Submissions is February 15, 2017

Indoor Rowing Championships


Winnipeg Indoor Rowing Championship – February 5, 2017

Looking to kick-start your fitness this New Year? Are you up for a good physical challenge?? Come and try your hand (and full body!) at rowing, without having to be out in a boat on the water… the Winnipeg Rowing Club (WRC) is hosting their annual indoor challenge in February:

Winnipeg Indoor Rowing Championship

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Winnipeg Rowing Club @ 20 Lyndale Drive

Racing starts at 10:30am

Registration fee: $15 before February 3 / $20 after February 3

All are welcome to compete! No experience necessary.

All races will take place indoors, on rowing machines – called Ergometers, or Ergs for short. Races will be either 1000 or 2000 meters, with a maximum of eight racers at one time. Prizes will be awarded to the best times in each category (based on age and gender) and refreshments will be served. On top of all this, there will be a lot of fun and fitness to be had!

To register, please email

Manitoba Rowing Association Annual General Meeting Notice










Notice of MRA Annual General Meeting

November 13, 2016, 1p.m.

Sport for Life Centre, Conference Room B

Notice is hereby given to the members of Manitoba Rowing Association of the Annual General Meeting of the Association which will take place on Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 1:00 PM at the Sport for Life Centre – Conference Room B, 145 Pacific Avenue in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

As 2016 is an “even year”, the following Board positions will start a new 2 year term: Vice President High Performance, Vice President Administration, and Secretary. Please note all Club Representative terms are one year terms for each Club to confirm at the Annual General Meeting.

Andrew Lamont has kindly agreed to chair this year’s Nominations Committee. He will accept nominations provided they are accompanied by the candidate’s e-mailed letter of agreement and the signature of at least one voting or two non-voting members, until October 20, 2016. These nominations can be e-mailed directly to Andrew (, and kindly copied to the MRA office (

The date for Club and Board reports as well as paid membership registrations is October 20th, 2016. Please remember that MRA/RCA membership reported by this date positively affects both the number of votes an MRA club controls at the AGM, and the allocation of Bingo funds for the coming year.

Further information will be circulated closer to the date. Thank you.

Respectfully Submitted October 6, 2016 on behalf of the MRA.

Andrea Katz

Executive Director

Manitoba Rowing Association


Head of the Red 2016


The Winnipeg Rowing Club is once again hosting our fall regatta – Head of the Red on Saturday, September 24, 2016.  The event is open to junior, senior, masters, rec and novice rowers. A number of different events will be offered — to suit all rowers’ abilities!

Races are 5000 meter Stake Boat Races with a turnaround at the mid-point (at 2500 meters).  Races start and finish in front of the WRC club house with the turn around on the marina stretch.


9:00 am               Open Women’s 4x

9:00 am               Master Women’s 4x

9:00 am               Open Women’s 4-

9:00 am               Master Women’s 4-

9:10 am               Open Men’s 2x

9:10 am               Master Men’s 2x

9:10 am               Junior Men’s 2x

9:20 am               Open Women’s 1x

9:20 am               Master Women’s 1x

9:20 am               Junior Women’s 1x

9:30 am               Novice 4x (men, women or mixed)


10:00 am             Open Men’s 4x

10:00 am             Master Men’s 4x

10:00 am             Open Men’s 4-

10:00 am             Master Men’s 4-

10:10 am             Open Women’s 2x

10:10 am             Master Women’s 2x

10:20 am             Open Men’s 1x

10:20 am             Master Men’s 1x

10:20 am             Junior Men’s 1x

10:30 am             Junior Women’s 4x

10:40 am             Mixed 2x (any age)


11:10 am             Junior Men’s 4x

11:20 am             Junior Women’s 2x

11:30 am             Mixed 4x (any age)

11:40 am             Novice 2x


12:10 pm             *Mixed Mash 8+ (500 meter dash)

1:00 pm               Lunch

Eligibility and Categories

Junior: 18 years or younger as of December 31, 2016.

Master: Over 21 as of December 21, 2016

Novice: began rowing after June 1, 2016

Mixed: Mixed crews should be equal male and female rowers.*

*Mixed Mash 8+ can be any combination of rowers (male, female, junior, master, open).
This event is  a fun, 500 meter dash race.  If you are interested in rowing in a Mixed Mash 8+ please let the registration desk know and we’ll draw names to make throw together crews.

Handicaps: Master’s races will be follow RCA Rules of Racing.

Entry Fee: $25 includes post regatta lunch. Registration fees due in cash or cheque (to Winnipeg Rowing Club) at the regatta registration table by the 8:30 a.m. Saturday, September 24, 2016. Composite crews welcome!

To Register for the Regatta

Email registrations to with subject “HOTR Registration”.  Please include Master’s average crew ages for handicap calculations when applicable

Entries are due by Wednesday, September 21.

Fitness Journal for Girls Open House


On Saturday, August 27, from 11am – 2pm, the Fitness Journal for Girls will be at the Winnipeg Rowing Club located at 20 Lyndale Drive to showcase the incredible sport of rowing to girls in Winnipeg.

The Fitness Journal for Girls is a year-round guide to everything fun and fitness for girls ages 5 – 15 in Winnipeg. It has brought 20 businesses and sport organizations together to offer exceptional discounts on sport and fitness camps, registrations and programming. There is over $1000 in savings in each Journal, and can be purchased for $20 online at

On August 27, the crew from the Journal will be in attendance to showcase the wonderful facility, put girls through a workout, and have fun. There will be an opportunity to purchase Journals that day as well. Prizes will be given out throughout the day, and every girl with a Fitness Journal for Girls who attends this event will be entered to win a $50 gift card from LuluLemon. Just for giving rowing a shot!

NorthWest International Rowing Association Championship Regatta: WINNIPEG WINS COVETED LIPTON CUP TWO YEARS RUNNING!

Lipton Cup

The Winnipeg Rowing Club sent 45 athletes to Kenora’s Rabbit Lake this weekend for two days of racing at the 113th NWIRA Championship Regatta – and came out victorious, for the second year in a row!

A long and proud tradition that began in 1886, the NorthWest International Rowing Association (NWIRA) Championship Regatta takes place each summer with Canadian and American rowing clubs competing. This year there were 408 entries from 11 clubs: Duluth MN, Long Lake MN, Minneapolis MN, St. Paul MN, Edmonton AB, Regina SK, Saskatoon SK, Kenora ON, Thunder Bay ON, Hamilton ON, and Winnipeg MB.

The beautiful sterling silver Lipton Cup is awarded annually to the club that wins the most aggregate points. The Winnipeg Rowing Club brought home this year’s top prize, along with the Masters Aggregate trophy, the Women’s Aggregate trophy, and 41 medals consisting of 11 bronze, 18 silver, and the following 12 gold: 

Ø  Master Women’s Single Under 50 – Tracy Taylor 

Ø  Open Women’s Single Dash – Casie Gauthier

Ø  Light Weight Women’s Single Dash – Brandi Smith

Ø  Open Women’s Pair – Kaelyn Gauthier, Casie Gauthier

Ø  Open Women’s Double – Kaelyn Gauthier, Casie Gauthier

Ø  Open Women’s Quad – Kaelyn Gauthier, Casie Gauthier, Rianne Boekhorst, Amy Kroeker

Ø  Master Women’s Quad – Andrea Lefort, Friederike von Aweyden, Vanessa Brown, Sheila Wilson-Kowal

Ø  Women’s Eight – Kaelyn Gauthier, Amy Kroeker, Rianne Boekhorst, Casie Gauthier, Tracy Taylor, Brandi Smith, Hanika Nakagawa, Emily Lennox, Chelsea Redecopp

Ø  Master Men’s Double – Andrew Lamont, Jeffrey Reitberger

Ø  Master Men’s Four – Andrew Lamont, Satoru Nakagawa, Tom Pundyk, Jeffrey Reitberger

Ø  Master Men’s Quad – Andrew Lamont, Tom Pundyk, Elliot Garfinkel, Jeffrey Reitberger

Ø  Mixed Master Quad – Andrew Lamont, Tracy Taylor, Brandi Smith, Jeffrey Reitberger

Every Winnipeg athlete contributed to the overall scoring, and helped bring home the Lipton Cup. Winnipeg’s victorious team effort was led by WRC coaches Ralph Penner and Ed Kornachuk, and Manitoba Rowing Association coach Fiona Rettie. WRC’s Sandra Kirby was also at the regatta, in the role of Head Official.

Winnipeg won the Lipton Cup last year as well, and also in 2012 and 2004.


The NorthWest International Rowing Association (NWIRA) is a regional association of Canadian and American mid-western rowing clubs, founded in 1885 by the Winnipeg Rowing Club, Minnesota Boat Club, and St. Paul Rowing Club. The North American landscape of the time told a story of outlaws and opportunity. In Canada, the rebellious Louis Riel had fought his last fight, and the last spike was driven into the Canadian Pacific Railway. In the US, the notorious Jesse James met his demise, and Thomas Edison introduced methods of generating and distributing electric light, heat, and power.  Into this world the NWIRA championship was born, and the race was on…

The first NWIRA competition took place July 16, 1886, on Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota. What started as a quiet evening erupted into mayhem, as the sound of the starter’s gun blast echoed across the lake, and fans began cheering wildly from hundreds of small boats and steamers. Three crews raced down the course with Winnipeg in last place. With a quarter-mile to the finish, Winnipeg sprinted ahead with Minnesota and St. Paul in hot pursuit. In the end, the Canadians crossed the line first and took home a championship that would trade hands many times over the next 113 regattas.

The NWIRA Regatta has continued to grow and thrive since that first race won by Winnipeg in 1886. An annual regatta, it has only been postponed during times of war. The grand aggregate trophy – the Sir Thomas Lipton Cup – is up for grabs annually, and won this year by Winnipeg Rowing Club.


The Sir Thomas Lipton Cup stands over three feet in height. In the thoughts of hundreds of oarspersons in the mid-western area of Canada and the United States, who are members of the Northwestern International Rowing Association (NWIRA), the size of the trophy and its valuation are not the paramount significance, but rather, the physical manifestation of the accomplishment.

The Annual NWIRA Championship Regatta is the culmination of the rowing season. All the effort and struggle of a full year’s worth of training is reduced to two days of rowing. At the completion of the regatta’s races, the huge trophy emblematic of the championship is placed in the arms of the winning rowing club.

The Lipton Cup is a symbol of dedication and hard work, so it is appropriate that the man who presented the Cup to the Association, Sir Thomas Lipton, epitomized these characteristics. As a young man, Tom Lipton stowed away on a ship bound to New York from his native England. Through hard work and determination, he became the millionaire head of the Lipton Tea empire. He was knighted for the great things he had accomplished in establishing good will between England and the United States.

In 1914, he presented the gleaming silver cup to his friend Con Riley of Winnipeg, as a means of promoting the sport of rowing in this area. Since then, the rowing clubs of the Association have battled for the honour of having their names engraved upon the Lipton Cup – awarded each year to the rowing club scoring the greatest number of points at the NWIRA championship regatta.



Winnipeg Rowing Club Alumni Rowing


If you raced for the WRC in the past, they would love to get you on the water for a paddle.

Please join Winnipeg Rowing Club Friday May 27th at 5:30pm.  They will divide into boats and head out on the river for a paddle.  Wouldn’t it be great to see the first bridge again??

Cost: $20/row

Alumni Summer Schedule:

  • Friday, May 27th, 5:30pm
  • Friday, June 17th, 5:30pm
  • Wednesday, July 6th, 5:30pm
  • Wednesday, August 10th, 5:30pm
  • Friday, September, 9th, 5:30pm

For more information, contact the Winnipeg Rowing Club.


Job Posting: Winnipeg Rowing Club Administrator

The Winnipeg Rowing Club is currently seeking a Club Administrator is responsible for day-to-day administration of the club. This is a part-time position (10-15 hours per week) reporting to the WRC President.

Responsibilities include:

  • Communicating with current & potential members
  • Managing public enquiries via email, phone and in person
  • Managing paper and online registrations for rowing programs, regattas and rentals
  • Maintaining a public calendar of programs, events, and facility use commitments
  • Promoting WRC programs and events to members and general public
  • Assisting in the organization of local rowing events
  • Facilitating facility rentals
  • Organizing clothing orders
  • Maintaining professional appearance of clubhouse including bulletin boards, locker rooms, etc.

There may be other duties assigned as needed.

Skills required:

  • Good IT skills (in particular using Microsoft Word, Excel and email)
  • Comfortable and confident in using on-line processes and websites
  • Highly organized
  • Able to work independently
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Flexibility and willingness to undertake a wide range of duties

As a condition on employment, the applicant must be able to provide a recent Criminal Record Check & Child Abuse Registry Check

Submit a cover letter with salary expectation, and resume no later than noon on May 20th to:

Tina Tenbergen, Secretary, Winnipeg Rowing Club



Emma Gray Rising to the Top


With only six months of rowing under her belt, Emma Gray of the Manitoba Rowing Association has been identified by Rowing Canada as the highest level of potential and ability to make it to the future Olympic podium for Canada.

Emma Gray was identified by Manitoba Rowing Association Head Coach Antony Patterson in the Spring of 2015 while conducting potential athlete testing during the Row To Podium testing at Gray’s high school, University of Winnipeg Collegiate. After achieving the best results in the entire country throughout the tests, Gray was invited to meet with Coach Patterson, Rowing Canada, and Olympians Jeff Powell and Janine Hanson to find out what the Row to Podium program was all about.

At only 16 years of age, Emma has competed on the national stage in various sports. “I played club football when I was quite young. Competed at the national level and have a black belt in taekwondo. Then played basketball at the high performance provincial level and competed at u15 nationals. Most recently, before rowing, I trained and competed in Olympic weightlifting, going to 2 Jr. national championships,” says Gray.

Emma has her sights set on the Junior World Championships in 2016, the Under 23 World Championships in 2017 and a future on the Olympic podium. Coach Patterson has no doubt Emma has the drive, the talent and the tenacity to do everything she is working towards and beyond.

“There are so many things I love about rowing. The amount of hours and work it requires to be successful. The sense of overwhelming satisfaction when you finish a hard piece, race or workout and know you couldn’t have taken another hard stroke, pushed yourself any further The sport of rowing is truly addictive. It requires so much focus and energy that it has the power to make everything else in the world disappear,” says Gray.

In Emma’s short time in the sport of rowing she has accomplished exceptional feats for both herself and the provincial rowing program. In August this year she won Gold at the Western Canada Summer Games Women’s Single, a first for Manitoba. She also placed third in the double along with teammate Anne-Marie Goytan. Her third place finish at the National Rowing Championships in the Junior category and Gold in the Women’s Single at the North West International Rowing Association Championships, show that Emma Gray is showing the entire country that Manitoba athletes are continuing to top the competition.