Canada Summer Games Training Group

Canada Games Development Group:

The Canada Games Development group are athletes selected by erg standards, or at the discretion of the Head Coach. These athletes will receive coaching from the Manitoba Rowing coaching staff in the lead up to the Canada Summer Games. Athletes wishing to train in this group are expected to hit an adjusted ergometer standard based on the number years out from Canada Summer Games. These standards reflect the goal of attaining a best historical performance of four medals at the 2017 Canada Games.

Purpose: To develop athletes capable of representing Canada at a Junior or U-23 National level. These athletes will be developed up to Manitoba Rowing’s standard by August of 2017, and looking to yield four medals at the 2017 Canada Summer Games. It is our goal to appropriately resource high performance athletes.

2017 Canada Games yearly adjusted ergometer standards

Year 2014 2015 2016 2017
Male 6:44 6:33 6:28 6:20
Female 7:44 7:33 7:28 7:20