High Performance Training Group

The Manitoba Rowing Association currently supports a High Performance training group under the direction of HP Coach Antony Patterson. The program supports athletes capable of representing Manitoba and Canada at highest levels. Our program has produced several National Champions, National Team members, Olympians and Olympic Medalists.

The training group is compromised of athletes from Row to Podium-Manitoba, Canada Games training group and those hitting our identified High Performance Standards.

Entry for existing talent (Canada Games Training Group & High Performance Groups) is based on meeting the following standards that are adjusted for age/development stage:

1. Ergometer Standards (rcaerg_performancetargets)

  • Achieve TDC Ergometer Standards in 2 of 3 categories, 2k, 6k, PP
  • adjusted standards for Canada Summer Games

2.Strength (StrengthTable)

  • Bench Pull
  • Squat
  • Dead Lift

3. Flexibility & Core Strength

4. Technical/Experiential

  • Minimum event racing starts (20)
  • Distance per stroke evaluation over 2×500 m (1up 1back) at rate cap in 1x or 2-
  • Technical discussion between Club Head Coach and Provincial Coach

5. Rowing Canada Athlete Monitoring