Head of the Red Regatta – September 26


The Winnipeg Rowing Club and Manitoba Rowing Association are joining together to host an annual racing tradition in downtown Winnipeg. “Head of the Red” welcomes local athletes and visiting teams to compete on the Red River.

Head of the Red Regatta
Saturday, September 26
Racing begins @ 9:00am

Winnipeg Rowing Club @ 20 Lyndale Drive
**Come out and watch the races – no charge!**

After a summer of sprint racing in the rowing world, with courses varying from 500-2000 meters, ‘head races’ start up in the fall. These competitions consist of longer, slower distances, ranging from 4000-6000 meters. The Head of the Red – named after the Red River – offers a 6000 meter course.

In order to make the regatta more spectator-friendly… for the first time, the Head of the Red will be raced over three loops – each loop 2km long. Races will start and finish at the same point – beside the Winnipeg Rowing Club docks – and competitors will depart at 30-second intervals.

“On a normal 6000 meter course that races from end to end, you only see the boats for a short time when they pass you. So we decided to make this year’s regatta more fun to watch by designing the course in loops,” says Steven Taylor, head coach of the Winnipeg Rowing Club. “Each stretch is essentially 1000 meters long, so in one race, you’ll see each boat pass by six times. It should make for an exciting day of races.”

Awards will be presented to the fastest crews in each category, and prize money awarded to the overall fastest male and female scullers in single boats.

Members of the public are invited to come out and watch the races – no charge! The best vantage point for viewing will be from the deck overlooking the river at the Winnipeg Rowing Club. You will also get a great view from the Lyndale Drive park just south of the Winnipeg Rowing Club, from anywhere on the Norwood Bridge, or from either shore near the bridge. Racing begins at 9:00am, and will finish by 3:00pm.


Notice of MRA Annual General Meeting

Notice of MRA Annual General Meeting
November 7, 2015, 11a.m.
Sport for Life Centre, Conference Room A
Notice is hereby given to the members of Manitoba Rowing Association of the Annual General Meeting of the Association which will take place on Saturday, November 7, 2015 at 11:00 AM at the Sport for Life Centre – Conference Room A, 145 Pacific Avenue in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

As 2015 is an “odd year”, the following Board positions will start a new 2 year term: President, Vice President Domestic, Member(s) at Large. Please note all Club Representative terms are one year terms for each Club to confirm at the Annual General Meeting.

Andrew Lamont has kindly agreed to chair this year’s Nominations Committee along with Sandra Kirby. He will accept nominations provided they are accompanied by the candidate’s e-mailed letter of agreement and the signature of at least one voting or two non-voting members, until October 6, 2015. These nominations can be e-mailed directly to Andrew (aalamont@mts.net), and kindly copied to the MRA office (rowing@sportmanitoba.ca).

The date for Club and Board reports as well as paid membership registrations is October 5th, 2015. Please remember that MRA/RCA membership reported by this date positively affects both the number of votes an MRA club controls at the AGM, and the allocation of Bingo funds for the coming year.
Further information will be circulated closer to the date. Thank you.

Respectfully Submitted September 3, 2015 on behalf of the MRA.

Andrea Katz
Executive Director
Manitoba Rowing Association

The Lipton Cup Brought Back to Manitoba!

Lipton Cup

The Winnipeg Rowing Club sent 43 athletes to Regina this past weekend to compete at the 112th NWIRA Championship Regatta – and came out on top!

A long and proud tradition that began in 1886, the North West International Rowing Association (NWIRA) Championship Regatta is an annual competition between Canadian and American mid-western rowers. This year there were 486 entries from nine rowing clubs: Winnipeg MB, Regina SK, Saskatoon SK, Edmonton AB, Kenora ON, Long Lake MN, Duluth MN, Minneapolis MN, and St. Paul MN.

The coveted Lipton Cup is presented to the club that wins the most points. This year, the Winnipeg Rowing Club captured the beautiful sterling silver trophy, and the title of Grand Aggregate Champion. Winnipeg also won the Henning Peterson Trophy (known as “The Rock”) for the most women’s points, and the trophy for most points by Master rowers. Also notable is that Winnipeg placed second for aggregate points in the Junior category, despite only having 11 Junior athletes competing.

Congratulations to the following WRC athletes who won gold medals:

Master Women’s Quad – Sheila Wilson-Kowal, Friederike von Aweyden, Vanessa Brown, Andrea Lefort
Master Men’s Quad – Andrew Lamont, Jeff Reitberger, Satoru Nakagawa, Elliott Garfinkle
Mixed Master Quad – Andrew Lamont, Jeff Reitberger, Vanessa Brown, Andrea Lefort
Master Women’s Single – Sheila Wilson-Kowal
Master Men’s Single – Andrew Lamont
Open Women’s Four – Casie Gauthier, Janine Stephens, Amy Kroeker, Christina Blouw
Open Men’s Single – Riley MacCharles
Open Men’s Single Dash – Riley MacCharles
Junior Women’s Single – Emma Gray
Junior Men’s Single – Josh Ilse

In addition to these first place wins, there were numerous second and third place finishes. Overall, a victorious effort was put forth by the entire WRC team, led by Head Coach Steve Taylor. WRC member Allan Horne was in Regina, working as the regatta’s Head Official, and WRC member Sandra Kirby was also on hand to officiate.

Racing took place over two days of competition on Regina’s Wascana Lake, in cold, rainy, and horribly windy conditions. In fact, the weather was so terrible that a number of events had to be cancelled on Saturday (with winners chosen from previous heat times).

The 112th North West International Rowing Association (NWIRA) Championship Regatta was held August 21-22 in Regina. The North West International Rowing Association (NWIRA) is a regional association of Canadian and American mid-western rowing clubs, founded in 1885 by the Winnipeg Rowing Club, Minnesota Boat Club, and St. Paul Rowing Club.

The first NWIRA competition took place July 16, 1886, on Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota. What started as a quiet evening erupted into mayhem, as the sound of the starter’s gun blast echoed across the lake, and fans began cheering wildly from hundreds of small boats and steamers. Three crews raced down the course with Winnipeg in last place. With a quarter-mile to the finish, Winnipeg sprinted ahead with Minnesota and St. Paul in hot pursuit. In the end, the Canadians crossed the line first and took home a championship that would trade hands many times over the next 129 years.

The NWIRA Regatta has continued to grow and thrive since that first race won by Winnipeg in 1886. An annual regatta, it has only been postponed during times of war. The grand aggregate trophy – the Sir Thomas Lipton Cup – is up for grabs annually, and won this year by the Winnipeg Rowing Club.

The Sir Thomas Lipton Cup stands over three feet in height. In the thoughts of hundreds of oarspersons in the mid-western area of Canada and the United States, who are members of the North West International Rowing Association (NWIRA), the size of the trophy and its valuation are not the paramount significance, but rather, the physical manifestation of the accomplishment.

The Annual NWIRA Championship Regatta is the culmination of the rowing season. All the effort and struggle of a full year’s worth of training is reduced to two days of rowing. At the completion of the regatta’s races, the huge trophy emblematic of the championship is placed in the arms of the winning rowing club.

The Lipton Cup is a symbol of dedication and hard work, so it is appropriate that the man who presented the Cup to the Association, Sir Thomas Lipton, epitomized these characteristics. As a young man, Tom Lipton stowed away on a ship bound to New York from his native England. Through hard work and determination, he became the millionaire head of the Lipton Tea empire. He was knighted for the great things he had accomplished in establishing good will between England and the United States.

In 1914, he presented the gleaming silver cup to his friend Con Riley of Winnipeg, as a means of promoting the sport of rowing in this area. Since then, the rowing clubs of the Association have battled each year for the honour of having their names engraved upon the Lipton Cup – awarded each year to the rowing club scoring the greatest number of points at the NWIRA championship regatta.

Exceptional Performance at Western Canada Summer Games











It is with great excitement that our Manitoba Rowing Association athletes, coaches and management team return from the Western Canada Summer Games this week with the most successful Games in history for our province as it relates to number of athletes sent.

As stated in the Winnipeg Sun, “Manitoba finished third in the total medal standings…after securing 48 gold, 47 silver and 49 bronze medals for a total of 144 – which eclipsed the previous provincial [record] of 107 medals.”

In the sport of rowing we had much success include a Gold medal to Emma Gray in the Women’s Single. Emma has only been rowing for three months, and is performing at an exceptional level on the Canadian stage. Emma was joined by Anne Marie Goytan to win a Bronze medal in the women’s double. Josh Isle performed exceptionally well in the men’s single bringing home the Silver medal, only 0:45 behind the gold medal rower. Jordan Hamilton joined Josh for the men’s double to win a Bronze medal. This was the second fastest time overall in the double.

A huge thank you goes out to the coaching team lead by Head Coach Antony Patterson, and assistant coach Ashleigh Milani. And to Elizabeth Tycholiz and Ralph Penner for keeping the team and equipment well managed. And of course the parents of all the athletes who attended the Games. Your support and dedication to your children’s goals and endeavors is always appreciated.

Congratulations to all the athletes at the Western Canada Summer Games. Looking forward to the 2017 Canada Summer Games right here in Winnipeg!

Manitoba Athletes Rowing Strong at Henley










The Manitoba Rowing Association is proud to announce exceptional rowing by our athletes at the Henley Regatta, currently taking place in St. Catherines, Ontario. In it’s 133 year of this regatta, it brings together some of the best rowing in Canada.

Manitoba Rowing Assocation Riley MacCharles cam in first in his heat of the Senior Men’s Singles, advancing him in the semi-finals with the fastest time for all the men’s singles. Riley rowed an exceptional race meating our two members of the current National U-23 team. Riley will be racing again today, Thursday, August 6.

The Manitoba Rowing Association four female athletes will row at this Regatta on Thursday, August 6 as well. Four races to take place include the Kaelyn and Casie Gauthier for the Senior Women’s Pair H1, Amy Kroeker and Christina Blouw to compete in the 25 Senior Women’s Pair H2, all four of our MRA female athletes in the 38 Senior Women’s Straight Four H2, and the Gauthier sisters again in the afternoon for the 49 Senior WOmen’s Double H3.

For an up to date listing of all results, see http://www.henleyregatta.ca/en/henley-results




Manitoba Rowing Association Names 2015 Western Canada Summer Games Team


Western Canada Summer Games will take place August 7 – 16, 2015 in Wood Buffalo, Alberta this year. These Games are a great opportunity for young athletes to experience and participate in a high-level competition this summer. Athletes will be rowing out of the Snye Park in Wood Buffalo. Competition days begin August 12 with two days of active on the water practice, followed by competition August 14 – 26, 2015. This year’s Team Toba members are:

Jordan Hamilton

Joshua Isle

Emma Gray

Anne-Marie Goytan


Antony Patterson – Head Coach

Ashleigh Milani – Assistant Coach

For more information about the 2015 Western Canada Summer Games, visit the website at http://2015woodbuffalo.com/home.html.

The Manitoba Rowing Association wishes all of the Manitoba athletes competing in Wood Buffalo the best of luck!

Manitobans Show Exceptional Results at 2015 U-23 Selections


The Manitoba Rowing Association would like congratulate Riley MacCharles and Casie Gauthier on an exceptional showing at the 2015 Under 23 Selections that took place in Burnaby last week.

The Selections at Burnaby for U23 National team took place May 8 – 20, 2015 in Burnaby, B.C. Both Riley and Casie improved significantly in their trials in comparison to last year’s times. In fact, in November of 2014 Casie finished 23rd, and by May of this year finished 5th. Casie was only two seconds away from a third place finish that would have put her on the U23 National team.

Riley managed to pull exceptionally strong as well. In November of 2014 Riley finished 17th overall, and at this month’s trials finished 9th in a very strong field. All selectors commented on the vast improvement of both Casie and Riley, and commended them on their positive attitudes and greatly improved rowing technique.

The Manitoba Rowing Association is very proud of these exceptional athletes, their hard work and dedication to the sport. An extended congratulations goes out to Head Coach, Antony Patterson as well for his hard work, dedication and results for his squad.

Kenora Rowing Club to Join the MRA


It is with great excitement that the Manitoba Rowing Association welcomes our newest club member, the Kenora Rowing Club. On May 20, 2015 it was officially announced that the Kenora Rowing Club will join the Manitoba Rowing Association as our fourth club in the province. With our close proximity to Kenora combined with Kenora being the physical site for the 2017 Canada Games Rowing Regatta, the MRA is excited to work with and service this new club.

The Kenora Rowing Club has a long-standing history in Ontario, and has been friends with Manitoba clubs since the beginning. For a full history on KRC, please click here.

The Kenora Rowing Club offers several categories of membership including:

  1. Learn to Row – Adult: Program includes a safety video, introduction to the boathouse, description and understanding of the equipment used and a water session in training boats.
  2. Learn to Row – Youth: Program includes a safety video, introduction to the boathouse, description and understanding of the equipment used and a water session in training boats.
  3. IROW: to introduce school groups/ youth to rowing. Program includes a safety video, introduction to the boathouse, description and understanding of the equipment used and a water session in training boats.
  4. Adult Recreational: adults who have completed learn to row, has full club privileges, has completed learn to row
  5. Junior Competitive: rows in sanctioned regattas, 17 yrs of age or younger. Has completed learn to row
  6. Adult Competitive: rows in sanctioned regattas and has full club privileges
  7. Adult Recreation Punch Cards: same as Adult Recreation, just pay for a punch card of 6 rows.

On behalf of the rowing and sport community in Manitoba, the Manitoba Rowing Association welcomes the Kenora Rowing Club with great excitement! Looking forward to many years of success with you as part of our crews!

Fionna Rettie Wins the Peter Nykoluk Rowing Scholarship

fiona rettie - double

Fiona Rettie, an athlete from the Winnipeg Rowing Club (WRC), was recently selected as recipient of the Peter Nykoluk Rowing Scholarship. Fiona, a student at the University of Winnipeg in the Kinesiology program, received a financial contribution of $6000 towards her education.

The Peter Nykoluk Rowing Scholarship was established in cooperation with the Manitoba Rowing Association, the Winnipeg Rowing Club (WRC), and the University of Manitoba Financial Aid and Awards. The Nomination Committee was led by Chairperson Jeff Powell, former Olympian and World Champion rower, and currently the General Manager of the Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba.

The Peter Nykoluk Rowing Scholarship has been handed out annually since 1995. Each recipient has distinguished themselves with notable accomplishments in and dedication to rowing. They have also met the other essential criteria in terms of educational aspirations, sound personal traits, contributions to the development of the sport, and leadership qualities.


Fiona Rettie is a Kinesiology student at the University of Winnipeg. She began rowing five years ago, and displays an ongoing passion for and commitment to the sport. She not only excels as an athlete herself, but also coaches others who are new at the sport.

Some of Fiona’s most notable competitions include the Royal Canadian Henley in 2014, Canada Games in 2013, and Western Canada Games in 2011. She coached at the Winnipeg Rowing Club in 2013 and 2014 in the youth summer camps program, and for adult learn-to-row sessions. Fiona is a dedicated volunteer at the club who regularly helps with special initiatives and projects.

In 2014, Fiona was recognized by the Royal Lifesaving Society and presented with an award (along with two other club members) for helping save the life of a young woman who was distressed in the Red River.


The Peter Nykoluk Rowing Scholarship was started in 1995 to recognize individuals whose outstanding contributions to and achievements in the sport of rowing parallel the values of Peter Nykoluk.

Peter was a competitive rower who proudly represented the Winnipeg Rowing Club at regattas, and supported his club and colleagues in many ways. Peter died in 1990 as he came to the rescue of his teammates who were involved in an accident that occurred when the University of Manitoba crew was travelling to a regatta in Minneapolis.

Peter was a unique individual whose enthusiasm for life was evident in everything that he undertook. He had an endless capacity for learning, and the dedication, perseverance and optimism he consistently displayed were contagious to all who had the pleasure of knowing him.

A rowing scholarship in Peter’s memory was established to recognize individuals whose outstanding contribution to and/or achievements in the sport of rowing closely parallel the values of determination, commitment and sportsmanship consistently displayed by Peter. The award has been administered annually since 1995, to financially assist athletes to pursue their education while participating in the sport of rowing. It was initiated by Peter’s father, Jim Nykoluk, to honour Peter’s memory, while ensuring the future of the sport that Peter loved.

In addition to the scholarship, Peter’s memory lives on in Peter’s Garden, which comes to life each summer on the grounds at the Winnipeg Rowing Club on Lyndale Drive. As well, the Nykoluk Memorial Trophy is presented annually to the fastest women’s senior pair at the NorthWest International Rowing Association (NWIRA) Championship Regatta.


Manitoba Athlete Rows Southern France

image (2)

Sixteen year-old Jordan Hamilton has been rowing since 2011 between Manitoba and Norway, and during his high school spring break this year, was invited to join his Norwegian Club for their training camp in Southern France. This two-week intense training camp brought significant improvement to Jordan’s technique, allowed for him to bring a few hundred kilometers of rowing under his belt, while spending time with some of his Norwegian rowing friends. “It was a fantastic opportunity, and I hope that the skills I learnt in France will help me significantly in the upcoming racing season,” says Hamilton.

Jordan, along with the Norwegian team, stayed in the picturesque village of Le Temple-sur-Lot, in the region of Aquitaine. The twelve day vigorous camp had him in a variety of boats (1x, 2x, 2-, 4x), mostly with my former racing mates. “It was fantastic to see how much my friends and I have improved over the winter; we had definitely found some new speed!” Hamilton says.

Attending the Manitoba Rowing Association Winter camp this year allowed for Hamilton to have somewhat of an advantage over his ‘competitors’, because he had already rowed this year in British Columbia, with Head Coach Antony Patterson. The B.C. training camp was quite different from the European one in that there were over 30 rowers on the water in France, while under ten at the MRA camp. The individual focus on each athlete brought tremendous skill improvement to his game, while both camps brought great experience leading up to this year’s rowing season overall.

The Norwegian camp allowed for some great off the water activity as well for the rowers. They explored the surrounding villages, played kayak-polo, ate tons of gourmet French cooking, biked through the rolling hills, socialized, and even found a bit of time to rest. “The social aspect of the camp was fantastic: we thoroughly enjoyed each others company! We also reached new heights of mischief, and even made friends with rowers from Britain, Denmark and Belarus,” says Jordan.

Hamilton notes his biggest accomplishment to date in rowing is his 3rd place finish in the Junior Men’s 4x at the Baltic Cup in 2014. It is a rowing competition with representatives from most Northern European countries. Winning a medal in that championship was incredible as they were Norway’s sole medal winners in 2014!

Hamilton’s role models in sport include Olaf Tufte, three time Olympic medalist for Norway in rowing. He has shown his that incredible determination to excel and taking your training seriously can have a huge impact on your athletic level of success. That carries over to his academics as well; hard work and determination allow for his to stay focused on all areas.

Jordan will be attending the Canadian Secondary School Rowing Association, or CSSRA’s (http://www.cssra.ca/) in June where he hopes to start the regatta season on a high note. Long-term goals include making the Canadian Junior National team and competing internationally.

The Manitoba Rowing Association wants to congatulate Jordan on this wonderful experience and wish all Manitoba athletes attending the CSSRA’s this year good luck!