Manitoba Rowing Association

The Manitoba Rowing Association is the provincial governing body for the sport of Rowing in the province. The MRA was incorporated in 1981, to foster the development of more rowing clubs in Manitoba and coordinate the needs of the growing rowing community. We are governed by a Constitution and By-laws overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors, and are a member of our National Association – Rowing Canada Aviron.

The Manitoba Rowing Association is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization, comprised of about 350 members and 3 individual clubs throughout the province.


The Manitoba Rowing Association leads performance excellence and promotes sport for life by developing and sustaining rowing in all its forms.


Our Manitoba rowing community will work together in leading, guiding and organizing program and athlete excellence.


• Safety is of the utmost importance
• Create and maintain a positive environment for all rowers regardless of ability or participation
• Pursue excellence in rowing
• Ensure honesty, fairness and integrity in the rowing community


  • Manages the relationship between Sport MB and member rowing clubs.
    • Sport Manitoba establishes program guidelines and objectives for all provincial sports.
    • Provincial sports are rewarded with provincial funding grants based on their performance.
    • The MRA works with member clubs to align their programs to Sport MB guidelines to maximize provincial funding
    • The MRA also takes care of all administration to apply and process Sport MB grants.
    • The major components of provincial funding are based on:
      • Number of competitive members in the youth to age 23 group.
      • Number of medals won throughout the year.
      • Number of active programs in the province.
  • Manages the relationship between Rowing Canada and member rowing clubs.
    • Rowing Canada provides strategic guidance to Canadian clubs
      • For program development
      • For coaching development
      • For Individual athlete development
      • For Official development
    • Rowing Canada also provides governance guidelines for Canadian Rowing
  • Provides funding support for a provincial coach for member clubs through Sport MB Funding
    • High Level coaching is provided to member clubs to:
      • Design programs that meet Sport MB & Rowing Canada guidelines
      • Develop athletes that will feed into national team programs
      • Achieve medal wins for Sport MB `Own the Podium` programs.
      • Achieve results to qualify for yearly Sport MB funding grants.
  • Provides Governance for Rowing Clubs, Coaches, Officials and Athletes.
    • Deliver specific programs to develop coaches and officials.



Kelly Malcolmson

Vice President Administration

Sandra Kirby

Vice President of High Performance

Andrew Lamont

Vice President Domestic

Peter Vilks


Kirk Vilks

Members at Large


Members at Large

Louise Boily


Kenora Rowing Club

Michael Limerick

Pinawa Rowing Club

Peter Vilks

Prairie Fire Rowing Club

Ruth Marr

Winnipeg Rowing Club

Sheila Wilson-Kowall


Below are Approved Manitoba Rowing Association Policies. For any additional information, please contact the MRA office via email at

Appeal Policy
Bingo Policy
Financial Policy
Medical Information Form
MRA Code of Conduct
MRA Constitution
MRA Membership Policy
MRA Training Criteria 2020
Privacy Policy
Respect in Sport Policy
RFP Bid Policy
Social Media Guidelines
Social Media Use Policy
Transgender Policy
Travel & Accommodation Expenditure Policy
Travel & Behaviour Policy