Team Manager Job Description


  • The Team Manager must have a history with the club and the athletes particularly those with Canada Summer Games intentions.  They must demonstrate previous ability of having managed larger groups of athletes in a competition experience.


  1. Attend all team meetings
  2. Enter and/or confirm entry of Manitobans / Provincial Team with Head Coach
  3. Assist Head Coach in planning, evaluation and budgeting
  4. Collect Team Fees from athletes
  5. Book, or confirm travel arrangements for managers, coaches and athletes as required by the travel policy. Note that Manitoba Rowing will not bear responsibility for unauthorized expenditures. Any costs not covered by policy must be authorized by the office.
  6. Pick up uniforms, managers kit, expense money.
  7. Find out special needs of athletes, or special medical conditions and Manitoba Health Card numbers
  8. Know where to find medical assistance at the regatta site and how they are accessed.
  9. Provide athletes with schedule and transportation specifics to the venue.
  10. Communicate rules and who is responsible for team discipline. This includes curfews, behaviours and consequences recommended by Manitoba Rowing.
  11. Communicates as soon as possible results to Manitoba Media outlets following completion of the day’s competition.
  12. Monitor and provide feedback to coaching staff of athlete issues.
  13. Carry a managers’ kit including medical kit, and other rowing specific accessories.
  14. Confirm arrangements for travel as necessary.
  15. Handle all matters relating to uniforms. –
  16. Report Submission:

–    A Managers’ Report should be submitted to the MRA Office within one calendar month of returning from the Games.

–    Report to include the following:

  1. Team Staff
  2. Team Athletes
  3. Method of travel to and from meet
  4. Accommodation – name, address, quality, problems etc.
  5. Competition – note quality of competition, administrative arrangements, conditions, weather, etc.
  6. General comments – note any problems with athletes, staff, meet organization, travel arrangements, uniforms, etc.
  7. Recommendations – list items that should be changed in future, ie. method of travel, hotel arrangements, etc.
  8. Results if available
  9. Expenses (other than the personal expenses) – See travel policy –

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your resume to:

Attn: Jeff Reitberger at jesser@mymts.net and ‘CC’ rowing@sportmanitoba.ca

Deadline for submissions is February 15, 2017.