It is with great excitement that our Manitoba Rowing Association athletes, coaches and management team return from the Western Canada Summer Games this week with the most successful Games in history for our province as it relates to number of athletes sent.

As stated in the Winnipeg Sun, “Manitoba finished third in the total medal standings…after securing 48 gold, 47 silver and 49 bronze medals for a total of 144 – which eclipsed the previous provincial [record] of 107 medals.”

In the sport of rowing we had much success include a Gold medal to Emma Gray in the Women’s Single. Emma has only been rowing for three months, and is performing at an exceptional level on the Canadian stage. Emma was joined by Anne Marie Goytan to win a Bronze medal in the women’s double. Josh Isle performed exceptionally well in the men’s single bringing home the Silver medal, only 0:45 behind the gold medal rower. Jordan Hamilton joined Josh for the men’s double to win a Bronze medal. This was the second fastest time overall in the double.

A huge thank you goes out to the coaching team lead by Head Coach Antony Patterson, and assistant coach Ashleigh Milani. And to Elizabeth Tycholiz and Ralph Penner for keeping the team and equipment well managed. And of course the parents of all the athletes who attended the Games. Your support and dedication to your children’s goals and endeavors is always appreciated.

Congratulations to all the athletes at the Western Canada Summer Games. Looking forward to the 2017 Canada Summer Games right here in Winnipeg!