Executive Director
Manitoba Rowing Association
Job Description

The Manitoba Rowing Association is seeking a maternity leave position for the role of Executive Director beginning November 3, 2020 until November 15, 2021. This position is part-time for twenty hours per week. The work schedule and hours are flexible, both at home and in the Manitoba Rowing Association office (located at 145 Pacific Avenue) and some evenings and/or weekends may be expected.

Overall Accountability: The Executive Director is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Association and is responsible for the efficient utilization of the financial resources, public relations and the overall management of the provincial office.


1. Delivery of all administrative services required by the Association including, but not limited to:
a. Process and distribute correspondence in a timely and accurate manner.
b. Maintain an efficient filing system for the MRA office.
c. Assist with the organization and administration of meetings, seminars, and special events.
d. Organize and attend all Board Meetings and annual AGM (November). Attendance at sub-committee meetings may be requested from time to time. Provide detailed report on Executive Director duties to the Board for the annual AGM.
e. Administer the Constitution, By-Laws, and Policies & Procedures of the MRA.
f. Liaise with and maximize the use of services offered by Sport Manitoba.
g. Act as the Registrar, including ensuring proper implementation of Policies & Procedures governing registration at the provincial and national level.
h. Assist the Board and four provincial clubs in promoting the sport of rowing by recommending advertising or publicity activities and opportunities, and helping to implement these as approved by the Board.
i. Other administrative duties as assigned.

2. Work pro-actively and closely with the Board of Directors and members to deliver effective and efficient programs to members.
a. Assist and coordinate programs and services offered through Directors and Officers.
b. Prepare, assist with implementation, and report on Sport Manitoba funding process(es).
c. Develop, recommend, and communicate policies and procedures to the Board of Directors.
d. Implement policies, projects, and procedural decisions made by the Board of Directors and committees.
e. Work closely with the Head Coach to support her in the various initiatives and recruitment activities for the sport, including Western Canada Summer Games and Canada Games liaison.

3. Support the MRA Vice President Administration to ensure the finances of the Association are accurately administered and monitored.
a. Assist with accounting procedures, banking procedures, and other related financial services as required.
b. Assist with the annual preparation of the budget and Sport Manitoba funding process(es).
c. Develop and implement financial policies and procedures in conjunction with the MRA Board of Directors.
d. Monitor funds to avoid over-expenditure or incorrect use of allocated funds.
e. Submit financial records for the audit in a timely manner. Submit all correspondence from the Auditor to the Board of Directors.
f. Research and apply any applicable grants and complete necessary application and report documentation.
g. Ensure accurate bookkeeping records are maintained. For the purpose of the maternity leave position, this is to be done in conjunction with the accounting team at Sport Manitoba.
h. Invoice all Club and Athlete fees as needed, and ensure funds are paid on time and deposited accordingly.

4. Establish and maintain an efficient communication network;
a. Ensure the maintenance of an up-to-date correspondence file.
b. Represent and speak on behalf of the MRA in accordance with established values and policies.
c. Promote harmonious relationships with Sport Manitoba, Canadian Sport Council, Rowing Canada Aviron, and various provincial and federal sport organisations and governing bodies.
d. Liaise and develop cooperation between the MRA and other sports if and as needed.
e. Assist in the development of the MRA website as required and ensure that it is updated regularly.
f. For the maternity leave position timeline, establish a social media presence on Facebook.
g. Liaise with RCA as needed. Attend RCA ED and other meetings as appropriate, and assist the President in keeping the Board of Directors updated on RCA activities. Be a pro-active advocate for the MRA and the interests of our athletes/coaches/officials with RCA in conjunction with the MRA Head Coach.

5. Supervise and provide leadership as needed to staff, which may include assistant coaches for the High Performance and Games athletes.

6. Fundraising – organizing various initiatives in the area of fundraising in conjunction with the Head Coach

7. Assist in the administration of coach, provincial team and high-performance team travel as necessary

8. Ensure adequate insurance is covered for all MRA members and equipment.

9. Work with the Head Coach in a supportive role on various recruitment events, while bringing additional ideas to the table on how to grow the sport in Manitoba.

10. Plan and organize Coach Development opportunities and courses for coaches in the province and beyond

11. Plan and organize Official Development opportunities and courses for officials in the province and beyond

Education or experience in the areas of sport (recreational or competitive), sport administration, commerce, business administration and/or other related area is preferred.

Experience delivering service to a client group and providing administrative support is required. Three to five (3 – 5) years of workplace experience in a non-profit organization is preferred. Strong preference will be given to applicants with previous Executive Director experience within Sport Manitoba.

Technical and Behavioural Competencies:
• Familiarity with office organization and optimization techniques
• High degree of multi-tasking and time management capability
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Integrity and professionalism
• Computer Skills
• Initiative
• Ability to work independently
• Strong oral and written communication skills
• Willingness to work evenings and weekends if required
• Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a team environment

This position reports directly to the President, who represents the Board of Directors. Responsibilities of the position are as directed by the Board of Directors of the Association and may be reviewed and revised as required.

Interested candidates should send their resumes and cover letters to Andrea Katz via email at rowing@sportmanitoba.ca by no later than October 1, 2020 at 12pm.