Loch Inglis, who has been rowing competitively for almost five years in Winnipeg, is currently gearing up for the Canadian National Rowing Championships on November 7th to 9th, in Victoria, B.C. Just coming off an impressive third place finish at the British Columbia Championships, Inglis is a contender for a strong finish. The competitive season has been busy for him this year, where he attended a Canadian U23 training camp in Victoria where he was coached by some of the best in the country. Loch also had a chance to train at a Row to Podium National camp, whereby Rowing Canada works with athletes to help them reach the national and international stage. Loch also competed at the RCA Spring Trials East, BC Championships and Royal Canadian Henley.

A full-time student at the University of Manitoba, Loch is often trying to find balance with his intense training regime and studies. With hopes of being invited to train at the National Development Centre, it is imperative for him to “work hard and keep an even keel,” Inglis remarks.

Winter training is intense with both dry-land training here at home, and various camps across Canada and the United States. Training environments are intense, and Loch finds the coaching to be extremely helpful.

Loch first started rowing in grade 12, when he was looking to try a new activity, and with his parents both past rowers, it was an easy fit. “Rowing is a fun, outdoor sport so it has something for everybody, whether you are a competitive athlete or looking for a recreational activity,” says Inglis.

The Manitoba Rowing Association wishes Loch a successful regatta in Victoria in November, and continued success and motivation throughout!