Manitoba Rowing Association provincial athletes were hard at work in cottage country over the weekend of May 25 and 26 in support of the quest to this year’s Canada Summer Games as well as for athletes who are following Rowing Canada’s Long Term Development model. The previous weekend Lise at Saffies was gathering local cottagers who needed a hand doing yard work and general clean up for the spring time at their cottages. The plan was simple – have cottagers rent a rower for a few hours to help with yard clean up, raking, bagging leaves – you name it, the athletes were on it!

For the first time this event was held in Manitoba, it truly was a great success. The thirteen participating athletes worked hard over the two days, at twelve different client cottages. In total, these athletes raised $1,325 for their sport! Truly a great helping hand for funding needs that go towards training, travel, equipment and event costs. Athletes are committed to being on the performance pathway and showed that commitment this weekend.

With such great success, we have decided to do this event again in July in the Winnipeg. If you know anyone who needs help around their yard or their home, please contact the Manitoba Rowing Association office soon! Call Andrea at 204.925.5653 or email her at to find out how you can rent a rower for your household and yard care needs!

A huge thank you goes out to Lise whose hard work, organization and diligence made this event possible. Not only was she the organizing queen, but her store Saffies was the largest donor and purchaser of athlete time!