It is with great excitement the Manitoba Rowing Association announces that we have hired a new full time Head Coach for our programming. Antony Patterson joined the MRA on Monday, November 3, 2014, after being positioned for the last two years at the University of Tokyo as National Head Coach. Antony’s coaching experience and background has had him travelling around the globe, as he has held National Head Coach Positions at London Rowing Club United Kingdom., Thames Rowing Club, and St George’s Rowing Academy in South Africa.
Antony has coached athletes and crews that have won over 23 world titles and five Olympic medals. With our high success rate across Manitoba in the Olympic experience, Antony will fit right in.
Britain, South Africa, Japan and Australia have all been called home to Antony, all while coaching at the highest level in the sport of rowing. The MRA position is his first Canadian role as a coach, and his dedicated, focused approach will be terrific for all of our athletes across the province, as well as our coaches to learn from.
In his 28 years of successful coaching around the world – from school programs to elite – Antony brings more than just technical to the table. His background in nutrition, sport science, sport psychology, strength and conditioning, personal training and exceptional communication skills all make Antony an incredible addition to our team. Not only is he bringing this elite level to our sport, but we imagine he will delve into the Coaching Manitoba world with strength and adversity as well.
We have brought on a Head Coach to the MRA programs that is truly dedicated to the sport and athletes alike. His sense of humor and sense of commitment and enthusiasm make him a pleasure to be around. Trained as Master / Executive Chef as well – he truly takes everything he does on things with vigor and undying passion.
Please welcome Antony Patterson as our new Head Coach of the Manitoba Rowing Association with open arms! Wishing him the best of success!