The Rochester Rowing Club was recently set back by a big theft.  John a long time friend of rowing in Manitoba and his wife (who grew up in Winnipeg) sent out the following note for support:
I’m reaching out to rowing friends because our club just took a really big hit. When we went to Austin for spring break, the club  truck (that Michelle and I donated) was stolen along with  about $6,000 worth of toolboxes, spare parts, cox boxes, speedcoaches,  megaphones, splash jackets, etc. Insurance will give us a few thousand for the truck, but nothing  for the contents. So we’re out about ten grand.
I have never asked for donations from friends before, because I  feel like our community should support our rowing club, but I feel like  we’re already maxing out our fundraisers just to make ends meet, so  we’re kind of screwed.
I promise not to make this a regular thing. If you could help us out, I’d appreciate it.