The Manitoba Rowing Association is actively recruiting future Olympians in high schools across the province. Head Coach Antony Patterson along with his dedicated coaching team is heading into ten high schools this spring to test athletes in various capacities to see if they have what it takes to head to the podium for Canada.

Rowing has sent more athletes to the Summer Olympics and Parolympics than any other sport in Manitoba. With such a great track record, we want to ensure this tradition continues.

In partnership with our National Sport Organization Rowing Canada, the MRA is running a Talent Identification (TID) program to fast track talented athletes from other sports toward the rowing national team. Established athletes that have perhaps hit a ceiling in their current sport or looking for a new challenge are great candidates. Identifying athletes at this age is key for the sport in both the physical and mental game for rowing. Athletes must be prepared to work hard both physically and mentally to make it to the top.

This high school testing is not only for future national team members. Rowing in the province of Manitoba has terrific programs for people of all ages and skill levels. The programming allows for excellent physical fitness, team building skills and is a fun time at any level. The opportunity to work along side past Olympians and an incredible coaching team is exciting for all levels of athletic performance.

If you are interested in finding out more about the in-school testing, or about joining a rowing program at any skill level, please contact Andrea (E: at the Manitoba Rowing Association office today!

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